Stangl's Engobe Decorated Artware, which is often referred to as Gingerbread was produced from 1967 - 1972. They were sold specifically out of the Flemington outlet and developed, designed, and executed primarily by famed Stangl designer Rose Herbeck. Rose's assistant was also involved in the production of some of the pieces. Gingerbread is a slipware style of decoration that involved using a syringe filled with engobe to execute a given motif. The motif varied widely from fantastic peasant style village scenes to abstract designs. Rose also decorated a wide variety of items from small plates to 12" chop plates and from pitchers to pigs. Very popular with Stangl collectors, Gingerbread is a fun and challenging line to collect. Due the relatively long span of production and large variety of items produced you never now what will turn up in this line.
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Pieces are usually marked with Rose's HR cipher. Pieces marked with her name in script or the date are much harder to find. Some pieces are not marked by Rose in any way and are generally thought to have been produced by her assistant. These pieces show little to no difference in quality or design but collectors favor pieces known to be decorated by Rose.
Markings on the back of the shown pitcher.
Markings on the back of the 12 inch bird decorated chop plate at the top of the page.
Cipher on the bottom of the shown mug.
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